Discovery of a new ligament in the knee

Health: After a brief description in the 19th century this ligament structure had fallen into oblivion. Mystery Seems lifted from a Belgian study.Achieving this newly Described ligament  the  anterior lateral ligament ( LAL ) Could play important role in the rotational instability of the knee year.

It May persist despite successful surgical repair Effective rupture anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

At a time When medical imaging shows every inch of the human body , it is rarely That the subject anatomy Such surprises  the Discovery , or rediscovery of an individual Rather in the knee structure. In other words we describe the existence of a new ligament.A sliver , pearl and sustainable: A study published in the Journal of Anatomy by two surgeons from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma tology University Hospitals Leuven (Belgium ) Provides the first accurate anatomical description of a sliver  pearl and resistant  which was Described in an Article published in 1879 .

Several years before the discovery of X -rays the French surgeon Paul Webster had Noticed the existence of this structure ligament in the knee area for a Particular Type of fracture That bears His name . The  Segond fracture  is quite rare. It Consists of a separation of a bone fragment at the top and side end of the tibia .

Usually it is secondary to a knee injury and indirect evidence Almost always Reviews another injury  rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).Since its initial brief description in the 19th century , this structure ligament had finally falling into oblivion and it is therefore only recently several authors That are Involved .



Its mystery is finally lifted by the study of two Belgian surgeons . Found in 97% of cases: Belgian surgeons indicato That The anterolateral ligament all  has been Observed in the fine dissection of 40 pairs of human cadaver knees of the 41 Studied peers in 97% of cases.

The origin of this ligament is located on a prominence of the lateral femoral condyle (distal femur). Its determination from the upper end of the tibia forward.

Studies are lead by surgeons Steven Claes and Johan Bellemans to determined the function of this ligament and determined icts role in traumatic damage of the knee.

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